Donating to Skyline Preschool

Some parents have expressed a desire to donate to the preschool as a result of our shutting down the preschool during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donations are especially vital at  this time since we have not charged tuition since mid- March, and since Skyline has covered salaries and benefits of the entire preschool, support staff, and related expenses during this time.  You may make tax -deductible donations through Curracubby; and we will provide a statement for your 2020 taxes. We thank you for any contribution you decide to make and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Parents can now make payments at any time by using this feature. Here are instructions:  
1. Log into Curacubby at
2. Click “Pay My School” on the left side bar.
3. Select your student from the drop down menu.
4. Select “Donation” from the “What is this payment for” drop down and enter an amount.
5. Select a payment option (credit card or bank transfer) to complete the payment.

Here is a tutorial:—Parent-Tutorial

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