Our children enjoy an exceptional, natural setting and facilities:

  • A lovely outdoor setting in the Oakland hills surrounded by pine trees and parklands
  • A spacious, bright, fully-appointed classroom, with large windows, bright natural light, and a beautiful natural view. The classroom is divided into carefully designed activity areas: blocks, dramatic play, story telling and puzzles, art and science. Small group instruction takes place in activity areas, and children are encouraged to circulate freely among the areas during supervised free time.
  • A large sandbox and play-yard, fully equipped with climbing structure, slide, playhouse, water play fountain, monkey bar, tricycles and outdoor toys.
  • A vegetable and flower garden, planted and tended by the children

What people say about our grounds:

“My son is an outdoor kind of guy, he loves the bikes and play structure. There is always something to do and play with.”

“The outside setting is spectacular – I knew this was ‘it’ when I walked through the gate (when I met/observed the teachers, I realized how special Skyline really is)! The playground equipment was recently replaced, and a mermaid water fountain was added in the sand box this spring. The kids have a great time!”

“Skyline Preschool has a very nice campus, being situated in the Oakland Hills. They have a great classroom, filled with fun activities. The classroom is very large and well lit. Outside, the playground has a new play structure and water play area. There’s also a large area for riding trikes and bikes on ‘Bike Days’. That’s when the kids get to bring they own bikes to ride at school. There are also plenty of vehicles in the main playground to ride on a daily basis. The playground also offers a playhouse, basketball, a boat, a castle and a garden area.”